I am waiting for the supplies to come so I can build my bass guitar. It’s been a while since I ordered them (and it may be longer still before they finish their journey across the ocean). The other day I rediscovered my initial sketch: I want a bass that is comfortable, cool-looking, but most… Read More

Writing comes down to two parts: Color the white paper dark Trim your initial scribbles into meaningful sentences. That first step is where many of us quit. No matter how many ideas we have they can dissolve into the great whiteness of the blank page. The answer here is to write. Just write. Write about… Read More

Today I drove to church to practice the bass guitar. I arrived, plugged into the amp, and heard . . . silence. I swapped cables, since they are often the first to go. Unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem. The guitarist plugged into the amp and filled the sanctuary with sound. That meant the problem… Read More

I have been making knives recently. Last night I finally completed the karambit I have been working on for over a month. The karambit originates somewhere in Southeast Asia and has been found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, and many other places. People think that it started as a farming implement before becoming a knife that… Read More