They say they come from the stars and many among us believe them. They landed in fire and splendor and claim to bring salvation for us poor fools living in the wreckage of a civilization we can barely remember.

But let’s be honest; nobody comes from the stars. They come from a planet–probably like ours–and barely passed through the stars. Our records tell us that space is big. They may have spent years in between stars, bathed in the light of first this one then another. Now they are here claiming a stellar origin.

So if they excoriate my name and highlight me as an example of the backward ways of this place I am sorry. Don’t believe it, no matter how convincing they are. They come from a ball of dirt the same as ours. Their strength and spaceships don’t give them a right to own us.

If I don’t return, remember this: this is our world and no mere space sailor can take it from us. This bomb in my hands, this will remind them that they don’t come from the stars. Like us they come from dust and with my help to dust they will return.